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Individual Counseling

Feeling misunderstood, overwhelmed, inadequate, lonely or anxious?  You are not alone. Most of us experience some form of emotional difficulty in our lives regardless of our background or race. Recognizing our emotional difficulties and seeking professional help is a sign of courage and a positive step in the direction of healing and growth. We thrive as individuals when we feel connected to ourselves and others.

People enter therapy for a variety of reasons including work and career stresses, losing a loved one, relationship difficulties, feeling “stuck” or “overwhelmed” or having ruminating thoughts of “I’m not good enough.” Whatever your reasons for seeking counseling, at Colliance Wellness, you will be recognized as a life energy that is unique with its own set of strengths and limitations. By engaging with the therapist one-on-one, you will connect with your thoughts and feelings and through this process learn new ways of coping and find balance.


Areas of expertise:

Depression and Anxiety

Work-life Balance

Women and Minority issues

Familial and Relational conflict

Cross-Cultural Identity

Grief and Loss




Immigration and Acculturation

Social Anxiety

Difficult Life Transitions

Self Care



Couples Counseling

Couples therapy allows for a space, in the presence of a neutral mediator, to examine ways the couple interacts with one another, to discuss areas of the relationship the couple hopes to improve, and to learn valuable skills to maintain a loving connection in their relationship. Some common issues that couples face and seek therapy for include frequent arguments, financial and/or sexual infidelity, broken trust, experiencing boredom in the relationship, lack of sexual intimacy, and/or feeling misunderstood or ignored by their partner. Couples work is also beneficial during times of major life changes and transitions such as moving in together, getting married, becoming parents, career changes, chronic illness, caring for aging parents, etc.

At Colliance Wellness, we believe that all couples can benefit from couples counseling to strengthen their bond for a more fulfilling and deeper relationship.


Areas of expertise:


Conflict Resolution

Loss of intimacy

Life transitions

Trust/boundary issues

Division of labor

Financial issues


Cross-cultural issues

Grief and Loss



Professional Consultation

Case consultation for therapists: Review your difficult clinical cases on an ongoing or case-by-case basis, receive direct feedback on your case conceptualizations, and improve treatment outcomes.

Clinical supervision for graduate students and clinicians: Receive individual supervision as you work towards finishing your required hours and training for advanced licensure (LCSW). Some common topics addressed in supervision include diagnosing, assessment, clinical interventions, transference and counter-transference, boundaries and use of self, risk assessment, case review, self-care, and professional development and goals.

Training, consultation, and educational seminars for corporations, schools, support groups, religious institutions, and professionals: Engage, explore, learn, and receive tools and resources on a wide range of mental health topics. Some examples of presentation topics include “Our relationship with Stress,” “Mental Health 101,” “The Mindfulness buzz,” “Tips for creating a work/life balance,” and “Understanding anxiety.” Topic-specific presentations are welcome and provided upon request.

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